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Breathe with your ribs

Our routines are on autopilot… We just automatically breathe, walk, sleep, sit. That is until something is off, isn’t working quite right, is causing pain, etc. How much do you think about breathing? I know that I didn’t consider my breathing at all until I was regularly struggling to breathe, due to my respiratory disease.

Or do you consider how you are going to sit down normally? No, you just sit. But… when you start struggling, or need to make an adjustment because something isn’t working well, now you start paying attention. But how do I know what to pay attention to?

Breathe with your ribs
How To Sit

This is why it is critical that you start paying attention to how you move, sit, relax and sleep. This is where restorative exercise comes in. Restorative exercise helps you to pay attention to how you move and where you are in space.

My breathing is a bit easier now since I understand and practice good breathing techniques.

In the video below I show you how to pay attention to your breathing and sitting.

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