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What is TMJ? Learn about TMJ and How Massage Can Help You!

TMJ dysfunction: pain in and around your jaw with movement of the joint.

3D TMJ Skull

Your Muscles of Mastication, ie. chewing

Muscles that close your jaw: masseter, temporalis and medial pterigoid. Muscles that open your jaw: lateral pterigoid.

Medial Pterigoid
Medial Pterigoid
Lateral Pterigoid
Lateral Pterigoid
Masseter TrP
Temporalis TrP
Medial Pterigoid TrP
Lateral Pterigoid TrP

Can these TMJ muscles be massaged? Yes. I show you a gentle TMJ massage in the video below. The Pterigoid muscles are harder to get to, as they mostly require going inside the mouth through intra-oral massage. All of these muscles should be massaged when treating TMJ issues.

Trigger Points Refer Pain: Masseter TMJ Muscle

The masseter jaw muscle is the strongest muscle in the body!

Masseter TrP
Lower Masseter TrP
Deep Masseter TrP
  • Upper and lower back teeth
  • Adjacent gums
  • Front of face
  • Under eye
  • Pain may feel like sinusitis
  • Jaw
  • Deep ear pain
  • Ringing in the ear
  • Roaring sound in the ear
  • Itching in the ear
After just two sessions I have dramatic improvement. I’ve been suffering with TMJ for almost two years. Sometimes it was painful to chew, I was unable to open my mouth all the way, and daily headaches were becoming the norm. When I could open my mouth, my jaw would make popping noises. My dentist told me he could make a mouth guard for $800 that I could wear at night. I purchased over the counter mouth guards with hopes of helping me to stop clenching my jaw while I slept, but it did not help. My chiropractor said he was not able to help and referred me to a Dentist who was a “TMJ specialist”, which was not covered by insurance and looked to be time consuming and expensive endeavor. I remembered that a friend of mine told me she knew a Massage Therapist who was able to help with TMJ. Two weeks ago I contacted Emily Boudwin and scheduled an appointment. After just two sessions I have dramatic improvement. My mouth can open wide now and the popping is much less. I’ve not had a headache since I’ve seen her and she taught me massage techniques that I can do myself, in between sessions, that help my jaw relax! I’m very grateful for her knowledge and expertise with TMJ!
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C. D. Avatar
C. D.
One appointment gave me more relief than I had ever felt and it lasted for days. When I first started my treatment, I had been experiencing constant jaw pain for years.The original accident where my car was squished between two other cars was such a minor impact (only 15 miles per hour) that I couldn’t understand the debilitating pain in my face. Insurance was nice enough to cover dozens of appointments with a chiropractor to work on my new TMJ pain, but eventually I was told there could be no further recovery. I’ve often used massage therapy to add to my sense of “quality of life” and I’ve tried to find someone to assist with the jaw pain. Even my favorite therapists have been unable to provide long-term relief.
Years later, I moved to Boise. Emily Boudwin was recommended to me by an older family member who had medical massage after breaking his collar bone. Emily listened to me discuss my various aches and pains and agreed that the jaw pain needed further treatment. One appointment gave me more relief than I had ever felt and it lasted for days! After the second appointment I had an entire week of no pain at all! Within 4 appointments, I believe that I’m 99% better. (Now, I find that only very extreme stress will still inflame my jaw muscles.) Emily has also shared some of her knowledge so I can reduce these effects of stress immediately on my own.
Emily is so kind and genuinely interested in my recovery and well-being, her skills surpass those of any standard massage therapist, and are of medical-treatment level. I will continue to see her for my other aches and pains.
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Camille Roy
3D TMJ Skull

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