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What is TMJ? Learn about TMJ and How Massage Can Help You!

TMJ dysfunction: pain in and around your jaw with movement of the joint.

3D TMJ Skull

Your Muscles of Mastication, ie. chewing

Muscles that close your jaw: masseter, temporalis and medial pterigoid. Muscles that open your jaw: lateral pterigoid.

Medial Pterigoid
Medial Pterigoid
Lateral Pterigoid
Lateral Pterigoid
Masseter TrP
Temporalis TrP
Medial Pterigoid TrP
Lateral Pterigoid TrP

Can these TMJ muscles be massaged? Yes. I show you a gentle TMJ massage in the video below. The Pterigoid muscles are harder to get to, as they mostly require going inside the mouth through intra-oral massage. All of these muscles should be massaged when treating TMJ issues.

Trigger Points Refer Pain: Masseter TMJ Muscle

The masseter jaw muscle is the strongest muscle in the body!

Masseter TrP
Lower Masseter TrP
Deep Masseter TrP
  • Upper and lower back teeth
  • Adjacent gums
  • Front of face
  • Under eye
  • Pain may feel like sinusitis
  • Jaw
  • Deep ear pain
  • Ringing in the ear
  • Roaring sound in the ear
  • Itching in the ear
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3D TMJ Skull

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