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“Emily is fantastic! I have TMJ issues and she is super knowledgeable when it comes to helping me with those. She gets all the right muscles and I can actually feel her working them out. Love the results.”
Shannon Ullman

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2nd FASTEST: Text Emily at 208-830-8807
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CALL:  Call Emily: Please leave a voicemail if I’m in a session. 208-830-8807

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Massage

Medical massage is focused on a specific treatment for a specific problem area that you are presenting with, E.g. headache

Restorative Exercise

Restorative Exercise focuses on helping you see how you are moving, then helping you to move better. During your massage session we will discuss things that you can do to help with the specific issues that you are being seen for.

45 minute massage vs 90 minute massage?

A 45 minute massage session allows us to focus on one specific problem area. For example, I have clients with chronic headaches who schedule this session every two weeks. A client that is a dental hygienist who needs focused work on her forearms, shoulders and neck twice a month. A client who rock climbs, comes in once a month.

Choose a 90 minute massage session if you have been in an auto accident, whiplash, TMJ issues with shoulder and neck issues, rotator cuff issues, etc. A 90 minute session gives us time to focus on complex issues, such as those listed above.

Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage, is a regular massage but special precautions and side lying supported bolstering are used during these sessions.

Couples Massage Class, just for two:

Learn how to give a massage without needing one afterwards! This is an individualized couples massage class where you will learn the basics of professional massage, and proper body mechanics to massage your spouse, friend, child, etc., by mimicking the instructor. We will be focusing on your common pain areas, such as headaches, back pain, hip complaints, and issues specific to you.

Do You Offer Massage Discounts?

Yes, with a minimum 3 month commitment of coming in for massage sessions at least once a month. This allows us to work together to help reduce the frequency/duration/strength of your musculoskeletal issues. We will discuss what you specifically need after your first session.


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