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Chronic pain eases with us

Focusing on your chronic and acute muscular pain symptoms.
TMJ dysfunction, Headache, Migraine, Stiff Neck…

TMJ dysfunction
Rotator Cuff Issues
Overuse of Forearms & Hands
Stiff Neck & Shoulders
Hip & Low Back Pain
Plantar Fasciitis

Therapeutic Medical Massage in Boise and Restorative Exercise

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Hi, my name is Emily Boudwin. I am a neuromuscular massage therapist in Boise, Idaho. I focus on your specific issues using therapeutic medical massage therapy and restorative exercise.

I know what it feels like to struggle with chronic headachesneck issues, TMJ pain and migraines. As I’ve dealt with these issues off and on for many years. When I work with a well trained massage therapist, one that listens to my needs, and then focuses the session on those specific needs, spending the length of time needed to treat my chronic issues, I find relief from my pain. 

Massage with Emily

  • I will ask you very specific questions about your pain/discomfort/range of motion issues
  • How long have you had these particular issues?
  • When it flares where does it start
  • Your medical/therapeutic massage session is focusing on a specific area that you are experiencing issues with. 
Emily Boudwin
SCM Massage

Neuromuscular Therapy

What is NMT: “Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is a precise, thorough examination and treatment of the body’s soft tissues using regionally oriented protocols that are taught in a step-by-step process. These time-tested, hands-on techniques are built upon a science-based foundation and guided by clinical evidence.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Massage

Medical massage is focused on a specific treatment for a specific problem area that you are presenting with, E.g. headache

Restorative Exercise

Restorative Exercise focuses on helping you see how you are moving, then helping you to move better. During your massage session we will discuss things that you can do to help with the specific issues that you are being seen for.

45 minute massage vs 90 minute massage?

A 45 minute massage session allows us to focus on one specific problem area. For example, I have clients with chronic headaches who schedule this session every two weeks. A client that is a dental hygienist who needs focused work on her forearms, shoulders and neck twice a month. A client who rock climbs, comes in once a month.

Choose a 90 minute massage session if you have been in an auto accident, whiplash, TMJ issues with shoulder and neck issues, rotator cuff issues, etc. A 90 minute session gives us time to focus on complex issues, such as those listed above.

Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage, is a regular massage but special precautions and side lying supported bolstering are used during these sessions.

Couples Massage Class, just for two:

Learn how to give a massage without needing one afterwards! This is an individualized couples massage class where you will learn the basics of professional massage, and proper body mechanics to massage your spouse, friend, child, etc., by mimicking the instructor. We will be focusing on your common pain areas, such as headaches, back pain, hip complaints, and issues specific to you.

Do You Offer Massage Discounts?

Yes, with a minimum 3 month commitment of coming in for massage sessions at least once a month. This allows us to work together to help reduce the frequency/duration/strength of your musculoskeletal issues. We will discuss what you specifically need after your first session.

Reducing Your Chronic Pain

Your medical/therapeutic massage session is focusing on a specific area that you are experiencing issues with.
Our aim is to reduce your pain/discomfort during this session, help you gain greater range of motion, and help you understand the issues you are presenting with.


During your massage treatment session you will learn about what I am doing during your massage and why. We will talk about your daily movement habits, E.g. walking, standing, sitting, computer work, sleeping, etc.

Accept HSA/FSA

Please note before using: massage therapy is qualified when authorized by a physician confirming that massage therapy is prescribed as treatment of a specific medical condition. The physician should also include the frequency and duration of the therapy. Please retain the prescription or other order with your tax records. Massage therapy for general health does not qualify as a medical expense.

Scent Free Office

*ALLERGY ALERT* For the safety and comfort of all who enter this space, we have decided to become a fragrance and allergen free zone. You can help us maintain this as a safe zone by washing off any perfumes, essential oils or fragrances. We appreciate your help in keeping our space safe for everyone. We are happy to reschedule your appointment should you arrive wearing such products. Thank you.


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Common Symptoms of Tight SCM (Sternocleidomastoid) Muscle

  • Common Symptoms of Tight SCM (Sternocleidomastoid) Muscle
  • Tension headache.
  • Muscles tender to touch.
  • Persistent, dry, tickly cough.
  • Nausea and loss of appetite.
  • Seasickness or car sickness.
  • Deep ear pain.
  • Pain in the cheek and molar teeth.
  • Referred eye and sinus symptoms.
  • Dizziness and disturbed balance/vertigo.
  • Pain refers to top of the head, back of the head, cheek and over the top or behind the eye.
  • Sinus congestion on affected side, chronic sore throat from referred pain rather than infection.
  • Weeping and reddening of the eye, blurred vision, drooping or twitching of the eyelid.
  • One-sided deafness or crackling in the ear.
  • Headaches across the whole forehead.
SCM clavicle