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Check what our clients say about us

Emily is amazing! I've been coming to Restorative Health and Wellness for several months now. I suffer from Fibromyalgia pain and had been to other places with little relief. Emily has helped me substantially including my TMJ problems. Recently I had Plantar Fasciitis and if I hadn't been able to see Emily my recovery would have been so much more painful and miserable.

Candace Palmer

Emily has prolonged my career as a dental hygienist by keeping my upper body in good working order. My work is very repetitious and static. I am looking down all day, so my neck gets very beat up. I have a tendency to get tennis and golfers elbow from the repetitiveness of my work and Emily is the only therapist I've found that is able to keep it at bay.

Tarah Gibson

Dental Hygenist

I am not new to a massage, over the years I have had my share in order to keep doing the hard work I had to do. I must say this was the best muscle massage I have ever had and I can’t wait to go back for my next one. Emily definitely knows how to get to the sore areas and take care of them . I highly recommend her to everyone with pain of any kind.  My wife is going to her next.

Bill D.

I have been seeing Emily for some time now and she has never failed to help me in reaching my concerns. Emily is well informed in many areas and communicates her knowledge in a easy way to understand. She takes the time to listen and develops a plan to reach those concerns or ailments. My latest visit was addressing a foot injury and by the end of the appointment she had a plan to get me on the right path.

Layne Hanna