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Slouching on the computer

Does this sound like you or someone you know?

I have pain/stiffness in my neck when working on my computer 

We live in an Age where it is common to spend hours cooped up in repetitive postures. For example, when using a computer we will spend a lot of time with our arms in front of us, our head jutted forward to get closer to the screen, even splitting time between two or more computer monitors.  It’s even worse when you spend a lot of time with your head turned for long periods looking right or left at a monitor that is not directly in front of you.

Slouching on the computer
Sitting up at the computer

What can I do?

To begin with, take frequent movement breaks and eye breaks away from your computer.  Ideally?  Every 20 minutes.  Set a timer, when it goes off, get up and look out a window, or better yet, go outside for a couple of minutes. This will give your eyes and your body a break from a very static position.

  • The first step to adjusting your computer habits is being aware of how you are sitting and working on your computer.
  • How long do you typically work at your computer?
  • Are there some areas of your body that you are consistently noticing fatigue, tightness and pain, after working on your computer for awhile?  Make note of these.  Pinpoint where they are and when they start occurring.

In this video (less than two minutes) I talk about the common postures that we get into while working on the computer.  The issues that can arise from long periods spent in these positions, as well as what is the ideal way of sitting at a computer.

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