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Suboccipital TrP

Do you have discomfort or pain at the base of your skull? Or referred pain, like in the picture?

Suboccipital TrP

A common set of muscles, called the suboccipitals, are typically the primary culprit. These are the yes and no muscles, when nodding your head. When your your chin is lifted in the air, the back of your skull is tilted backward, creating a steep angle, activating these muscles. Some of your nerves go through these muscles, so when these muscles are tight, they can affect headaches, migraines, and neck pain.

Recently I worked with a client who presented with referred pain up and over her head, that was triggered by her suboccipital muscles. She had spent a few days in bed and had her neck at a weird angle for hours at a time.

So what do I do to address tight muscles here?

 Readjust how you hold your head:

Suboccipital chin in air
Suboccipital readjustment

I show you in this video how to do this…

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