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concussion neck

As a massage therapist, there are times that I would love to get a massage from myself. Right now is one of those times! In February, while I was sick, I fainted and hit the back of my head on the tile floor. Which caused a concussion and whiplash like symptoms.

I am now experiencing shoulder, neck, jaw and head muscles tightening, as my brain tries to figure out where my balance is. This is mostly linked to my eyes and my ability to move my eyes without moving my head.

concussion neck
concussion eye tracking 2

In this video I describe the areas of my upper body that have been tightening up as a result of this concussion. What type of manual therapist do you need to see, if you’ve had a concussion or whiplash? They should know how to work the areas that I describe in the video.

P.S. Making and editing this video has made my vestibular balance symptoms worsen.  I find that taking frequent eye breaks helps to relieve these issues.

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