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Do not use massage gun behind ear

When you are sick you just want to feel better… This has been me the last few weeks, as I recover from a concussion that I got when I fainted onto a tile floor.

Afterwards, I was feeling fullness in both ears that wasn’t going away. So I grabbed my massage gun and used it to massage around and behind my ear. This is a very bad idea!

Do not use massage gun behind ear
In front of ear

I ended up having two different kinds of vertigo: cervical vertigo and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. The cervical vertigo was caused by my fainting onto a tile floor. The second, BPPV, was caused by the massage gun breaking loose tiny canalith particles in my inner ear.

If you live in the Boise, Idaho area you need to check out this awesome Physical Therapist. He was able to give me an hour long hands on treatment to correct my cervical vertigo.

​Tony Book: Functional Manuel Therapy Physical Therapist

Behind Ear

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