When I first started my treatment, I had been experiencing constant jaw pain for years.The original accident where my car was squished between two other cars was such a minor impact (only 15 miles per hour) that I couldn’t understand the debilitating pain in my face. Insurance was nice enough to cover dozens of appointments with a chiropractor to work on my new TMJ pain, but eventually I was told there could be no further recovery. I’ve often used massage therapy to add to my sense of “quality of life” and I’ve tried to find someone to assist with the jaw pain. Even my favorite therapists have been unable to provide long-term relief.
Years later, I moved to Boise. Emily Boudwin was recommended to me by an older family member who had medical massage after breaking his collar bone.  Emily listened to me discuss my various aches and pains and agreed that the jaw pain needed further treatment. One appointment gave me more relief than I had ever felt and it lasted for days! After the second appointment I had an entire week of no pain at all! Within 4 appointments, I believe that I’m 99% better. (Now, I find that only very extreme stress will still inflame my jaw muscles.) Emily has also shared some of her knowledge so I can reduce these effects of stress immediately on my own.
Emily is so kind and genuinely interested in my recovery and well-being, her skills surpass those of any standard massage therapist, and are of medical-treatment level. I will continue to see her for my other aches and pains.
Camille Roy, Boise, Idaho

Emily, I am so pleased with every massage. The fact that you listen to what I need, but also know what needs to be done. Just doesn’t get better than this. Thank you.
Emily, you have a real gift……you provide THE BEST Therapeutic Massage ever. Thank you.
John H., Boise Idaho

This massage class was fantastic! Emily really took the time to show us both some good techniques to help each other, and ways to not get tired out in the first 5 minutes! She has a ton of knowledge, and is a great resource for any questions.
Thanks again Emily!
Shelby O., Boise Idaho

I am not new to a massage, over the years I have had my share in order to keep doing the hard work I had to do. I must say this was the best muscle massage I have ever had and I can’t wait to go back for my next one. Emily definitely knows how to get to the sore areas and take care of them . I highly recommend her to everyone with pain of any kind. I was so impressed with how much more she was concerned about making me feel better than she was about how much she was going to make. Her rates are very fare and she is very caring. My wife is going to her next.
Bill D., Boise Idaho

Have had numerous massages with different Therapist, but Emily is like no other. She was able to
locate areas that never been addressed. Thank you Emily
Eva D., Boise Idaho

It was an amazing experience. Lots of good information for this first time mom about labor and delivery relaxation techniques. I am excited to try them and I am extremely pleased with my experience. I wish I were staying in Boise to come back and have a post-natal massage. Thank you so much
Rivkah R., Boise Idaho

My wife and I had a great time in the couples class. We learned several techniques we can use on each other for those times we can’t make it back to Intense Tranquility. Thanks so much!
David O., Boise, Idaho

Absolutely amazing massage… one of the best I have ever had. Very knowledgeable and focused in on problem areas. I will be back and I will refer many others. Thank you!
Heath VP, Boise Idaho

I’ve been suffering with TMJ for almost two years.  Sometimes it was painful to chew, I was unable to open my mouth all the way, and daily headaches were becoming the norm.  When I could open my mouth, my jaw would make popping noises. My dentist told me he could make a mouth guard for $800 that I could wear at night.  I purchased over the counter mouth guards with hopes of helping me to stop clenching my jaw while I slept, but it did not help.  My chiropractor said he was not able to help and referred me to a Dentist who was a “TMJ specialist”, which was not covered by insurance and looked to be time consuming and expensive endeavor.  I remembered that a friend of mine told me she knew a Massage Therapist who was able to help with TMJ.  Two weeks ago I contacted Emily Boudwin and scheduled an appointment.  After just two sessions I have dramatic improvement.  My mouth can open wide now and the popping is much less.  I’ve not had a headache since I’ve seen her and she taught me massage techniques that I can do myself, in between sessions, that help my jaw relax!  I’m very grateful for her knowledge and expertise with TMJ!
C.D., Boise Idaho

Best bodywork I have ever had:
I was blessed to meet Emily after my husband purchased a Groupon for me as a gift.  Boy am I glad he did!!  I have upper back/shoulder pain secondary to posture and desk work.  It was getting to the point of bothering me daily, and at 34 that is NOT ok.  Emily quickly identified the trigger as subscapularis spasm/dysfunction and has been therapeutically treating my muscles ever since.  I have been coming to her for months now and so look forward to my visits!    She is very knowledgeable in what she does and so obviously loves it.  I would highly recommend her services!!
Aubrey Martin, Boise

I have had massages from many different therapists over the last fifteen years, and Emily Boudwin is by far one of the best. I first learned of her services through a Groupon; now she is my regular masseuse.   Not only does she provide a soothing and relaxing experience, but the tension and tightness I have had for years has improved with each visit. I also experience debilitating migraines that used to occur almost once a month, and have only had one since I started going to Emily for focused ‘Stress Relief’ massages six months ago! She is knowledgeable and professional, and has a genuine concern for your health and well-being. I highly recommend her.
Emily C.   Boise

I have been receiving massages from Emily for over a year.  I have had massages by many good massage therapists over the years.  I would place Emily at the top of the list for competence and quality.  She instinctively seems to know where the trouble spots are and works effectively to provide relief.  She has a gentle manner and mild demeanor which makes her easy to be with.
Charles S. Pohl, Boise

I have been to several massage therapists before, Emily is by far the most able and knowledgeable. I explained the pain in my rhomboids and she ended up working my subscapularis; I immediately noticed how tender that muscle was; after she worked it I had much improved mobility and the pain in my rhomboids went away. I never would have thought that muscle was causing the problem; now because of her expertise I know what muscle to work on at home too.
I got a proper medical quality massage, and then she still took the time to give me a relaxing massage for the rest of my body. I will be back on a regular basis to see what other parts of my body she can get working properly again, or perhaps eventually just to relieve some stress once I don’t have more serious problems to address.
Randall B, Boise

A few weeks ago I scheduled an appointment with Emily Boudwin to help me with a chronic stiff, painful shoulder.  I was just thinking that massage could help; what I didn’t realize is that Emily is certified in neuromuscular therapy.  She was able to very quickly assess the root cause of my problem and used very specific techniques to work with my subscapularis and adjacent musculature.  I experienced great relief following the treatment.  Emily educated me about what was going on and recommended some exercises I could do.  I am experiencing progressive improvement after two sessions. Emily is skilled and intelligent and has a commitment to helping others.  I highly recommend her as a massage therapist.
Carol Casler, Boise

I often get very severe headaches that neurologists in both North America and Europe have been unable to diagnose or treat. Emily’s massage techniques are able to make chronic pain that would normally last for hours go away quickly without having to use drugs.
Ryan B, Warsaw

Emily is the best Massage Therapist that I have ever been too! I was having terrible headaches due to the tightness in my neck and shoulders and she has tremendously helped me get those muscles to relax. She listens to my needs and always fits me into her schedule when I need massage. I would highly recommend her for a Massage Therapist and it was sheer luck that I found her and boy am I glad that I did! I will continue to be one of her clients as long as she is in Boise.
Susie Devejian, Boise

Emily is the most professional and best massage therapist that I have ever had.  I have had massages at some of the finest spas in the country, but Emily beats them all. She very obviously loves her work and it shows.  I look forward to every massage with Emily.  She has never let me down.
B Mitchell, Atlanta

Emily was my first massage in years. She is the only massage therapist who actually listened to ME. I did not leave in pain. I left feeling relaxed. I have never met a massage therapist who cares so much about their clients.
Cathi Brady, Atlanta

Emily is so awesome! She is prompt, professional & very kind. I will definitely be scheduling with her again soon!
Valerie Perkins, Atlanta

Emily provided an Excellent massage with care and a skill,I have and will recommend  her services to all of my friends and family.
Jim Brewer, Atlanta

Emily is professional, courteous and prompt. I had some back pain for a long time that wasn’t getting better until Emily worked her magic. Much thanks and bravo! I will continue to be a customer.
Phil Pereira, Atlanta