Medical Massage in Boise

At Restorative Health and Wellness you receive focused medical massage sessions on your problem areas.
    • Specializing in Medical Massage- Headache/Migraine/TMJ pain/stiff neck/upper and lower back pain/limited range of motion/Plantar Fasciitis/Healthy Foot Practitioner/etc.
    • No Tips Accepted
    • Scent FREE environment
    • Hypoallergenic laundry detergent used to clean sheets
    • Apricot Oil is used
    • Ask about our 65 and older massage rates!
    • Lower rates are available when you join our Restorative Wellness Club, along with giving you great benefits!
    • *ALLERGY ALERT* For the safety and comfort of all who enter this space, we have decided to become a fragrance and allergen free zone. You can help us maintain this as a safe zone by washing off any perfumes or scented lotions before entering, refrain from using scented hair and body products.  We appreciate your help in keeping our space safe for everyone. We are happy to reschedule your appointment should you arrive wearing such products, thank you.
    • We accept HSA and FSA cards.  Please note before using:  Massage therapy is qualified when authorized by a physician confirming that massage therapy is prescribed as treatment of a specific medical condition. The physician should also include the frequency and duration of the therapy. Please retain the prescription or other order with your tax records. Massage therapy for general health does not qualify as a medical expense.
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15-minute Medical Massage- $35.00

If you have one area or spot that needs “fixing,” come in for a “Tune-Up/Fix-It Session.” The focus is on reducing pain, and breaking spasms in one specific area of your body.

45-minute Medical Massage- $80.00

When your condition or needs are focused on relieving or rehabbing a specific injury, post-surgery, or condition.

90-minute Medical Massage- $165

When your condition or needs are focused on relieving or rehabbing a specific injury, post-surgery, or condition. Medical massage blended with superb relaxing technique.

When I first started my treatment, I had been experiencing constant jaw pain for years.The original accident where my car was squished between two other cars was such a minor impact (only 15 miles per hour) that I couldn’t understand the debilitating pain in my face. Insurance was nice enough to cover dozens of appointments with a chiropractor to work on my new TMJ pain, but eventually I was told there could be no further recovery. I’ve often used massage therapy to add to my sense of “quality of life” and I’ve tried to find someone to assist with the jaw pain. Even my favorite therapists have been unable to provide long-term relief.
Years later, I moved to Boise. Emily Boudwin was recommended to me by an older family member who had medical massage after breaking his collar bone. Emily listened to me discuss my various aches and pains and agreed that the jaw pain needed further treatment. One appointment gave me more relief than I had ever felt and it lasted for days! After the second appointment I had an entire week of no pain at all! Within 4 appointments, I believe that I’m 99% better. (Now, I find that only very extreme stress will still inflame my jaw muscles.) Emily has also shared some of her knowledge so I can reduce these effects of stress immediately on my own.
Emily is so kind and genuinely interested in my recovery and well-being, her skills surpass those of any standard massage therapist, and are of medical-treatment level. I will continue to see her for my other aches and pains.

Camille Roy

Emily, I am so pleased with every massage. The fact that you listen to what I need, but also know what needs to be done. Just doesn’t get better than this. Thank you.
Emily, you have a real gift……you provide THE BEST Therapeutic Massage ever. Thank you.

John Holst

As someone who has been a client of Restorative Health and Wellness for more than a year, I highly recommend Emily and all of the incredible services she offers. I first contacted Emily when I was having a TMJ flare up. Within the first 10 minutes of my massage, I knew I would never go to another masseuse again. I have suffered from chronic jaw, neck, shoulder, and back pain for years. During my time in the treasure valley, I’ve been to more than 20 massage therapists, and none of them have come close to helping me the way Emily has. In just over a year, she’s not only consistently provided healing massage, but she has also given me countless tips for ways I can improve my pain in my daily life. Between the informative literature she lends out and the personal knowledge she shares, I have been able to successfully manage my pain and improve my health in ways I didn’t even know were possible! I am so grateful to have found her.

You are amazing!

Kathryn Drake

TMJ Pain and Dysfunction

TMJ Pain and Dysfunction

Do YOU have these symptoms? Pain in and around your jaw Pain in your teeth Difficulty swallowing Ringing in the Ears Difficulty Hearing Frequent ear pain w/o infection Sinus Pain Headaches Pressure behind the ears Dizziness Muscle spasms in: neck, shoulders, back, and...