At Restorative I specialize in many different problem areas in the musculature of the body.  One of the most common and often debilitating are headaches.  Did you know that more than 1-2 headaches a year is not “normal”?  If you have headaches more often then being able to bring down the intensity and frequency of your headaches, through massage, can be a great source of relief.

Sara has had constant headaches and migraines for eleven years, ever since her first child was born.  She suffered with 8/10 headaches through out the day, brain fogginess due to the headaches, vertigo and migraines.  She came in to me for a routine massage.  Her initial appointment consisted of working on the shoulders, neck, head, and TMJ/facial muscles.  Each of these areas were assessed through massage to find if they were tight and sore/painful.  The assessment as well as the pre-massage questions helped to understand the cause of her headaches.  Sara’s target area for headache relief were the TMJ muscles, shoulders and neck.  Each successive massage has decreased the pain and length of the headaches, as well as her migraines.  The Vertigo is less intense and her brain fogginess is gone.

Sternocleidomastoid massage

Each client will present with different headache needs.  A 45 minute initial assessment session is needed.  After which a treatment plan will be discussed with the client.  The goal is to teach the muscles to be in a relaxed state and reduce the frequency and pain of the headaches.  Come in and receive headache relief through restorative massage!

Boise’s Headache Massage Specialist