Toe Walking

Learning how to walk and move in our every day environment is important. We can teach our kids. Make it a game, something fun to do with us. Check out this obsticle course I put together. Heels down, can be a cue to give. Toe walkers are really strong on the front of their foot and weak on the back of the foot, calves and hamstrings. Helping them to engage more of the posterior chain of their body is critical to their ability to choose to walk with their heels down more. Our bodies adapt to how we regularly move or don’t move our body. Muscles lengthen and shorten into those chronic use patterns.

It is possible to change those muscles that have lengthened and shortened from prolonged use with toe walking. I love doing Restorative Exercise while making it into a game, with our autistic kiddos. I understand when they don’t want to be touched or make eye contact.

Toe Walking

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