Terrible Headaches

Emily is the best Massage Therapist that I have ever been too! I was having terrible headaches due to the tightness in my neck and shoulders and she has tremendously helped me get those muscles to relax. She listens to

Severe Headaches

I often get very severe headaches that neurologists in both North America and Europe have been unable to diagnose or treat. Emily’s massage techniques are able to make chronic pain that would normally last for hours go away quickly without

experiencing progressive improvement

A few weeks ago I scheduled an appointment with Emily Boudwin to help me with a chronic stiff, painful shoulder.  I was just thinking that massage could help; what I didn’t realize is that Emily is certified in neuromuscular therapy. 

Medical Quality Massage

I have been to several massage therapists before, Emily is by far the most able and knowledgeable. I explained the pain in my rhomboids and she ended up working my subscapularis; I immediately noticed how tender that muscle was; after

Provides relief

I have been receiving massages from Emily for over a year.  I have had massages by many good massage therapists over the years.  I would place Emily at the top of the list for competence and quality.  She instinctively seems


I have had massages from many different therapists over the last fifteen years, and Emily Boudwin is by far one of the best. I first learned of her services through a Groupon; now she is my regular masseuse.   Not only

Best bodywork I have ever had:

Best bodywork I have ever had: I was blessed to meet Emily after my husband purchased a Groupon for me as a gift.  Boy am I glad he did!!  I have upper back/shoulder pain secondary to posture and desk work.


I’ve been suffering with TMJ for almost two years.  Sometimes it was painful to chew, I was unable to open my mouth all the way, and daily headaches were becoming the norm.  When I could open my mouth, my jaw

Amazing massage

Absolutely amazing massage… one of the best I have ever had. Very knowledgeable and focused in on problem areas. I will be back and I will refer many others. Thank you! Heath VP, Boise Idaho

Pregnancy Massage

It was an amazing experience. Lots of good information for this first time mom about labor and delivery relaxation techniques. I am excited to try them and I am extremely pleased with my experience. I wish I were staying in

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