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Restorative Health and Wellness

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  • Specializing in Medical Massage- Headache/Migraine/TMJ pain/stiff neck/upper and lower back pain/limited range of motion/Plantar Fasciitis/Healthy Foot Practitioner/etc
  • No Tips Accepted
  • Scent FREE environment
  • Hypoallergenic laundry detergent used to clean sheets
  • Coconut Oil is used.  Apricot Kernal Oil is available upon request
  • Ask about our 65 and older massage rates!
  • Lower rates are available when you join our Restorative Wellness Club, along with giving you great benefits!
  • *ALLERGY ALERT* For the safety and comfort of all who enter this space, we have decided to become a  fragrance and allergen free zone. You can help us maintain this as a safe zone by washing off any perfumes or scented lotions before entering, refrain from using scented hair and body products.  We appreciate your help in keeping our space safe for everyone. We are happy to reschedule your appointment should you arrive wearing such products, thank you.
  • We now accept HSA and FSA cards.  Please note before using:  Massage therapy is qualified when authorized by a physician confirming that massage therapy is prescribed as treatment of a specific medical condition. The physician should also include the frequency and duration of the therapy. Please retain the prescription or other order with your tax records. Massage therapy for general health does not qualify as a medical expense.

2-Hour Individualized Couples Massage Class

Learn how to give a massage without needing one afterwards! This is an individualized couples massage class where you will learn the basics of professional massage, and proper body mechanics to massage your spouse, friend, child, etc., by mimicking the instructor. We will be focusing on your common pain areas, such as headaches, back pain, hip complaints, and issues specific to you.

$210 for a 2 person class

“This massage class was fantastic! Emily really took the time to show us both some good techniques to help each other, and ways to not get tired out in the first 5 minutes! She has a ton of knowledge, and is a great resource for any questions.
Thanks again Emily!”
Shelby O., Boise Idaho

TMJ pain and Headache reduction class

90-minute class teaching you the reasons behind dysfunction and pain in the jaw, face, head, and neck.  Giving you hands on self-massage techniques to use at home.  Go home with a handout on the class, so you remember what to do!

$40 per person, 5-10 people per class.

Massage for low functioning Autistic Individuals

I am the mother of a 17 year old low functioning, almost non-verbal, autistic daughter, who is developmentally a toddler.  So I have a lifetime of personal experience with non-verbal communication and other sensory issues that arise in this population.  I have successfully worked with several clients with low functioning autism in my office, in Boise.  They sit at my desk or on the couch.  They get up and down and wander around.  The parents of these individuals are present and help during the session.  I work on the individual according to their needs and what they are able to cope with.  I get a lot of feedback from the parents while I am working on them.  I have one client that I have been working with for over a year.  He has progressed from just a few seconds-minutes to being able to work with him the entire 45-minute session.  I am now having him point to where it hurts, using a skull and face with muscles.  I then massage that area, letting him know I am massaging there.  It’s incredibly important that these autistic individuals understand what is happening.

45-minute massage session $80 (please ask about our Wellness Club, when coming in for regular sessions)

My son, a 39-year-old autistic individual, has been receiving TMJ treatments from
Emily Boudwin for about a year. Emily has a learned and intuitive approach that
allows my usually anxious son to be very comfortable during treatments. Their
sessions began very conservatively, with only 5 to 15 minutes of actual therapy, the
rest of the time simply adjusting to the new environment. Now he allows her to
work on him the full 45-minutes. On occasion he will actually help Emily by guiding
her hand to where he wants her to work. One of the more remarkable results of his
work with Emily is his new relationship to animals. On two recent occasions he
spontaneously reached out and pet a dog when it came up to him, and on another, as
part of equine therapy, he pet a horse. This process of allowing physical contact and
offering it to animals is one of the many benefits beyond the targeted TMJ relief that
we see from our work with Emily. She is a very accomplished and sensitive
practitioner. I highly recommend her.

Single Session Rates

Your sessions are hand tailored based on your needs and the goals of your care. Your session may be a combination of Neuromuscular Therapy / Medical / Therapeutic massage.

15-minute Medical Massage-

If you have one area or spot that needs “fixing,” come in for a “Tune-Up/Fix-It Session.” The focus is on reducing pain, and breaking spasms in one specific area of your body.
$35.00 15-minute massage

45-minute Medical Massage

When your condition or needs are focused on relieving or rehabbing a specific injury, post-surgery, or condition.
$80.00 45-minute massage

90-minute Medical Massage

When your condition or needs are focused on relieving or rehabbing a specific injury, post-surgery, or condition. Medical massage blended with superb relaxing technique.
$165 90-minute massage

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