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Restorative Health and Wellness Presents:

Small Group Healthy Feet Class for 3-5 Individuals



In this class you will learn how to use your feet and the posterior chain of your body. Over time, as you apply these correctives, you will notice a change in your ability to stand and walk with fewer issues..

In this class you will utilize your posterior calves, hamstrings and glutes; relaxing the anterior calves, kneecaps and thighs. Your shank needs to be able to rotate below the knee to your ankle bones, allowing your legs to rotate out while your feet are positioned straight forward and your knees do not collapse while moving. This rotation from the femurs to the shank will happen with the glutes engaging and your shank rotating out, allowing the feet to stay planted on the floor. The feet will also be laterally rotated so that you do not collapse your arch medially. Your weight needs to be positioned further back on your heels, allowing the plantar fascia to relax. This is accomplished by shifting about 50% of your weight to your heel. You should be able to lift the toes and relax your kneecaps. In order to not feel like you are going to fall backwards, you need to adjust the rib cage to a neutral position and adjust the neck and head. Your ability to be able to walk using your hips using a pelvic list will be covered as well.

This class is the first step in understanding your body and how to move throughout your day. We live in a time where biomechanically correct body movements are rare, and examples of good movement are very rare. If you look at pictures of you and your family you will most likely find that you have a similar stance. Then look at pictures of aborigines, can you see the difference? Let’s get you moving more within the musculature of the body, strong and resilient, rather than relying upon the ligature in a posture that will eventually lead you to pathology.

$20 per person

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I attended Emily’s Restorative Wellness class for the feet on Sept. 23rd 2018. Prior to the class didn’t know how much my foot position was effecting my posture and contributing to my chronic back problems.  Since the class, with the knowledge and tools Emily provided, my back pain is gone and I am using the appropriate muscles in my legs, and not the muscles in my back, to walk and run. Emily has extensive knowledge on the body’s anatomy and body mechanics.  During her sessions she educates on proper body mechanics and manipulation for long term beneficial results on chronic issues.

Tina Page

Taught by Emily Boudwin: Healthy Foot Practitioner, Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, Primal Health Coach